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While critical thinking may not make up for a lack of knowledge, it is essential for gaining knowledge.
Thursday, August 05, 2004:  
And Now For Something Completely Different:
The Morphology of Steve
This report is part of Project Steve. Project Steve is, among other things, the first scientific analysis of the sex, geographic location, and body size of scientists named Steve. We performed this research for the best of all reasons: we discovered that we had lots of data. No scientist can resist the opportunity to analyze data, regardless of where that data came from or why it was gathered.
Hilarious! (Found on The Panda's Thumb)

    -  Ron  2:08 PM

Critical Thinking:
References on Propaganda (Updated)
All communication is in some sense propaganda. The more we understand propaganda, how people are influenced, the better we can control its influence on us. To that goal, here are a few references I recommend:

    -  Ron  10:08 AM

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