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While critical thinking may not make up for a lack of knowledge, it is essential for gaining knowledge.
Thursday, January 16, 2003:  

Critical Thinking:

Too few comments...

I've failed so far to elicit the number of comments I'd hoped for concerning my previous weblog entry,
Toward a Reliable and Valid Usability Testing Methodology: Part 1 - The Problem. In addition to a few email replies, there are a few comments on WebWord and several on Signal vs. Noise. I'm going to wait for further comments before I post Part 2.

If you'd like to comment, I'm especially interested in hearing your thoughts on the relevance of the article and if I've presented the problem in an understandable way.

Please email me, or join in one of the discussions on Signal vs. Noise or WebWord. If you'd like to discuss it elsewhere, let me know where. Thanks!

    -  Ron  7:51 AM

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