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Tuesday, February 25, 2003:  

Human Factors:

Older Wiser Wired Launched (AARP)
More and more U.S. adults over 50 have computer access (estimates range from 40-60%), with most of those using their computers to go online. They bank, they buy, they search, they read, they contribute. But how hard is it for them to find what they need? AARP is convening a community of those who use the web to provide information and services to older adults, those who write about this subject, or those who develop web content for clients with older adult audiences.
Almost no content at the moment, but hopefully AARP has the resources and interest to create some valuable resources on designing for seniors.

(Perhaps it is time for me to write a long-overdue part 2 to Designing for Seniors (Part 1): Findings from a usability test?)

References on Designing for Seniors:
Creating Senior-Friendly Web Sites (Large PDF file, 130kb)
Making Your Web Site Senior Friendly (Large PDF file, 174kb)
Interface Design Guidelines for Users of All Ages (Large PDF file, 90kb)

    -  Ron  7:56 AM

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