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Friday, June 27, 2003:  
Science, Propaganda:
Coming Soon: A Horror Show for TV Ads (BusinessWeek)
On June 2, personal-video-recorder outfit TiVo (TIVO ) unveiled an analytical tool that can tell advertisers, agencies, and networks not only how many people tune in for a show but whether they're watching the ads. Unlike a Nielsen rating, which relies on surveys filled out by viewers, TiVo's system tracks what a viewer records and tunes into, even when the channel is changed...

This kind of information is the holy grail for marketers. But it's not the holy grail for advertising agencies and media companies, which have built an industry around the idea of getting a shallow message to a broad audience rather than a tailored message to a narrower one.
While TiVo customers are not representative of regular television viewers, and TiVo use creates different viewing behaviors, still this data from TiVo could spark major changes in television advertising and as a consequence, television programming.

    -  Ron  2:35 PM

High Court Rejects Nike Appeal in Speech Suit (Los Angeles Times)
The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed without deciding a closely watched free speech case brought by Nike Inc., with the majority of justices saying they had jumped too soon to take up an appeal by the athletic shoe company.

Nike had been sued under California's false advertising law by Marc Kasky, a San Francisco activist who said the firm made false claims about labor practices at its factories in Asia.

Nike denied that its statements were false and also claimed they were protected as free speech under the 1st Amendment.
Nike' battle to protect its propaganda as free speech continues in California...

Nike fights for the right to lie and deceive its customers and shareholders... Pathetic!

Justices Decline to Hear Nike Case (Washington Post) - Slightly better coverage and no registration required.

    -  Ron  8:52 AM

Tuesday, June 24, 2003:  
A Note to Sheffield Hallam University students:

I'm curious. What is it you're discussing that references this site?

    -  Ron  9:22 AM

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