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Saturday, August 14, 2004:  
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Please use Citium or Elea for "zeno's home" or "zeno home". I've been getting a lot of visitors recently looking for those phrases that obviously aren't looking for this site. From what I what email I've received so far, it appears that a number of crossword puzzles are to blame. Without having the number of letters of the clue, I guessed Citium or Elea. Problem solved thanks to the following email:
Mr. Zeno,
You are quite correct. The inquiries do in fact refer to a crossword puzzle and thanks to you I have found the answer on your site.

The newspaper is the Gainesville Florida Sun dated Sunday August 8th, 2004. The question is #112 down and thanks to you the answer is Elea. Now if I could just find the rest of the answers!!!!
Thanks again.
Thanks for the emails. Glad I could help.

It looks like the clue, or the same crossword puzzle, appeared again August 27.

    -  Ron  11:17 AM

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