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While critical thinking may not make up for a lack of knowledge, it is essential for gaining knowledge.
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    -  Ron  7:59 PM

Critical Thinking:
The Art of 'Manufacturing Uncertainty'

By definition, uncertainties abound in our work; there's nothing to be done about that. Our public health and environmental protection programs will not be effective if absolute proof is required before we act. The best available evidence must be sufficient. Otherwise, we'll sit on our hands and do nothing.


Decades from now, this campaign to manufacture uncertainty will surely be viewed with the same dismay and outrage with which we now look back on the deceits perpetrated by the tobacco industry. But will it be too late?
There are no absolute proofs in science. There's always uncertainty. Many people don't understand this, and few non-scientists understand the implications.

We make best use of the results of science by accepting the best science has to offer at the moment, by understanding the associated level of uncertainty, by encouraging further research (especially where we want less uncertainty), and by being prepared for new scientific results in the future.

    -  Ron  7:11 PM

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