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While critical thinking may not make up for a lack of knowledge, it is essential for gaining knowledge.
Thursday, January 20, 2005:  
Health, Medicine, Statistics, Influence, Critical Thinking, Science:
The STATS Guide To Evaluating Health Risks - Maia Szalavitz
Every day, new health studies fill the media, many of them often contradicting each other and earlier research...

The way health stories are usually covered by the press, it’s often impossible to tell.

But the following guidelines can help you make sense of the latest risk-touting study, and help you to decide when you should start — or stop — taking a drug, pursuing treatment or changing your diet.
Great resource!

    -  Ron  4:21 PM

Wednesday, January 19, 2005:  
Critical Thinking, Influence, Science
Further thoughts on Judge Cooper’s ruling. - Joe McFaul
He (judge Cooper) also “defined” critical thinking in a way that is particularly damaging to the Discovery Institute. Judge Cooper observed that the language on the sticker actually undermines the goal of critical thinking by “predetermining what students should think about evolution.” He did not explicitly say that religious creationism claims would also be subject to critical thinking in the absence of a sham stated purpose but that unstated conclusion logically flows from his holding, and the Discovery Institute must now concede that ID must be equally subject to critical thinking for it to even be considered as a viable alternative in the classroom. In the absence of a positive unified field theory of ID, that will be increasingly difficult.
(Background: The Cobb County evolution disclaimer sticker has been ruled unconstitutional. When they were first approved, I'd noted some of the responses to the stickers with amusement and sadness.)

The Intelligent Design creationists are trying to make a case for their pseudoscience by claiming they are encouraging critical thinking, even while they are depending upon people to not apply critical thinking to their own claims, rationale, and (lack of) evidence...

    -  Ron  10:40 AM

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